Numerical Nixie Tubes

Numerical Nixie Tubes
IN-1 (ИH-1)
Large, top-view tubes with bakelite base.

IN-2 (ИH-2)
Small type, top-view tubes.

IN-4 (ИH-4)
Round shaped, top-view tubes.

IN-8 (ИH-8)
Middle size, high reliability. A classical standing nixie with two differnt grid type.

IN-12A (ИH-12A)
A popular kind from the top-view types. Without decimal dot.

IN-12B (ИH-12Б)
A popular kind from the top-view types. It contains decimal dot.

IN-14 (ИH-14)
Middle size, soldearble legs.

IN-16 (ИH-16)
Smaller size, socketless type. The legs are instantly solderable.

IN-17 (ИH-17)
The smallest standing (top view) nixie.

IN-18 (ИH-18)
The biggest, and one of the most beautiful kinds ever.

All tubes are brand new, never used, old stock (NOS), produced in Eastern-Europe/Eurasia (like Russain Federation) before the 80's. They rested in a warehouse in Siberia for decades! They will see the sunlight for the first time when they'll get unpacked! Definitely not taken out from ancient or wrong machines!

For the datasheets thanks for Dieter.