Nixie Bulbs

Nixie Bulbs
IN-3 (ИH-3)
Neon nixie bulb.

IN-6 (ИH-6)
"Eyeglass" nixie bulb. Very rare type.

IN-24 (ИH-24)
Color: orange/red. It has solderable.

IN-28 (ИH-28)
Big size, looks like an iris in the eye.

IN-29 (ИH-29)
Small neon bulb, color: Green.

INA-TN-0,3-3 (ИHA-TH-0,3-3)
Looks like the classical bulbs, but this is a real nixie.
The two types differs only in the sockets.

MTH-90 (МТХ-90)
"Eyeglass" nixie bulb. Rare type.

Neon nixie bulb.

Smaller nixie bulb.

All tubes are brand new, never used, old stock (NOS), produced in Eastern-Europe/Eurasia (like Russain Federation) before the 80's. They rested in a warehouse in Siberia for decades! They will see the sunlight for the first time when they'll get unpacked! Definitely not taken out from ancient or wrong machines!

For the datasheets thanks for Dieter.